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slotted my neck today

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Yea, yesterday I marked all the frets, took me pretty much all class yesterday, checking, re checking and checking again

today, i brought in a peice of fret wire and practiced cutting on a peice of ash, using different blades till i found the right one, finally did, and it took me about 35 min to slot the board, and, i stareted to draw out the inlay pattertern (sp?) for tommorow when i cut out the inlays with the Dremel :D its coming along pretty good.

ohh, almost forgot, package came in the mail today, my Tune-o-matic in gold, ohhhhh myyyy GOD!!! sooooo SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!

sorry, i just opened the box when i got in and checked it out, very very VERY nice

Yea, I had to post, sooooooooo excited


P.S. once i get the inlays marked out and dremeled out I am going to give it either a light honey stain or just a clear coat, i was lookin at it and it will look pretty good like that


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