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Strangled Open String

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Open B on a guitar (Ibanez RG550) I'm setting up it strangled sounding, meaning sounds thinner and quieter and dies out faster than other open strings. I thought it might be the 1st fret but determined it was not the cause. What ELSE could it be causing this?

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I'm guessing that the nut slot is cut too wide and/or there's not enough downward pressure (via an angle) over the nut.

If the string isn't making nice solid contact with the nut, it'll die like that.

Even on my Pacifica, which was by no means 'dying', I noticed that my G string was a bit weaker because it wasn't getting enough angle over the nut. Installed a second string retainer, and I was off to the races.

Of course, that's just a complete guess.

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It has a locking nut though. I guess I could flip the nut lock pad over so the section that was holding the E holds the B, just to see if it makes a difference.

Thanks though!

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Goddamnit, I always seem to only be reading half the posts I reply to. I should have known right away that it was a guitar with a locking nut....


Ah well, if you're not hearing any sort of buzzing on that string when you play it open, you can rule out frets, which only really leaves the bridge and the nut as the culprits, I would think.

Then again, I've already proven that I don't think... thoroughly... :D

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