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Scarf joint

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I am about to cut my scrafjoint and one thing is bugging me. My neckwood is 40 mm thick. I want a 15 degree angle and I have a dummy made out of cardboard. If I put the two pieces together, the seam is 80 mm from the start of the angle B) .


will this cause any problems? I could shift the whole thing and get the seam at the start of the angle but that would mean my wood would have to grow overnight :D (since it will be too short then).



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Depending on the original thickness of the stock you are cutting from, you can get away with cutting less length. This will involve taking material off the top of the headstock and the back of the neck later on.

You can see from this series of pics that only cutting about 1/3 the length of the top of the actual headstock will do the trick. This will bring your joint about even with the area where the headstock angle begins.


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Actually, I've heard that it's stronger to have the joint farther from the headstock. If you have the thicker wood, that's a GOOD thing.

you heard wrong

If you imagine the scarf join being at the 12 fret lets say, youve got a lot more "short" grain in the neck, which isnt as good.

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