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Shipping Guitar Bodies?

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I just bought some more parts from eBay, and I got a neck in a USPS Priority mail tube. I thought it was kinda stupid, but then I needed to send a neck. I send pickups in those little Priority boxes because they're free anyway. I decided to go online and found the tubes. I got 10 delievered. Now, I think they sweet. They a good size for necks, I get them delievered right to me, I can pay for postage online without any extra label fees, and I can have the mail man pick them up for me. The problem now is, I want to get rid of some of my bodies, but I don't think USPS has any big enough. Where is a good place to get boxes? I think a UPS box is close, but it still may be .5-1 inch too small.

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you can buy just big flats of cardboard, then cut out a peice 15X 42 and bend it over the body, then bend the sides over and tape... that's how some guy on ebay wrapped a top i baught, kinda like a pizza box design..

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