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Downtune switch


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Do you mean all the strings tuned down a half step, or just the E string down to a D. The whole guitar down a half step thing could be done with a pretty simple active circuit activated by a push/pull. I'll post something this weekend, too much hw right now.


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Good polyphonic pitch shifting (where chords sound good) is only really possible with a hexaphonic pickup and a Roland VG system (or a Line 6 Variax).

Pitch shifter pedals/rack gear sound great on single note stuff, but i've never heard one shift the pitch of a chord with any degree of clarity.

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the main reason I tune down is to get a chunkier, looser sound on the strings. I don't think I'd like electroncally altering the pitch. Plus, unless you had tons of stage noise, you'd hear your guitar still playing at the normal pitch. That'd drive me insane.

i used to use an old boss pitch shifter delay pedal to take my whole guitar up or down by three semitones. it sounds passible in c# but it sounds normal in d tuning. just like a regular guitar.

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