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POS Explorer mod-o-rama!

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That would be insane for a top!! Prolley a little too pricey for a poor student like me :D


then print it out and stick on/varnish over the top (material finish)

if you need a hi resolution version of it, just let me know and i can get in touch with the artist...which would involve talking to myself :D

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which would involve talking to myself 

I've heard that can be dangerous :D

I wonder if you could get it printed big enough to fit over the whole body (they're kinda large)


its only dangerous when i call myself B)

and yes - you will have no problem whatsoever getting it printed

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step 1 drill big holes with aforementioned forstner bit

Step 2 make lots of small disks from wood etc

Step 3 buy lots of little motors and baqtteries to run little motors

Step 4 affix circles to motors

Step 5 affix these to said disks


Step 6 Get on stage and hypnotise everyone

or not... :D

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While they're all mesmerised, you tell them about the t-shirts, CD's, useless paraphenalia on sale for inflated prices...ha!

They will be my personal army. Quite useful for getting rid of unwanted persons or for cleaning up the dog's crap. It's win/win really.


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Recipe for a Killer Explorer:-

Strip it!

Sand it!

Stain it!

Route it and fit a floyd !

Fit locking nut!

Varnish with clear coat!

Put a pair a Dimarzio's in there (you choose which)

Hey, why not just give it a monkey grip, then you would have an Explorer Jem.

hmm... that sounds quite good fun actually...

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