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Ash or Maple

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yes, a 2 piece body is 2 pieces of wood glued together. this isn't a bad thing. almost all fenders are 2 piece bodies, and they're pretty good (all personal opinions not-with-standing). mahogany gives good low end and sustain (les pauls are made primarily from it) but, to get the high end, you'll need a cap of denser wood, maple being most common, used noth for its tonal qualities and its looks

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when it says glued together doesnt sound very sturdy and stable to me like i would goto cut it and it would fall apart?also when painted do you see a seem line where the pieces are glued?

no and no

a well done bond will not be a weak point in the wood... and you can sand/plane it smooth, so you can hardly see where they are attached togeher before it's finished, so if you won't do a see-thru finnish, you will never ever guess that it is not one piece just by seeing it

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