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Fretting?.... finishes?

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I'm making my first bass, and it is going well... I have black bindings around the body and the neck. But now it is time to start fretting, but I'm not sure in what order I should do this...

Is it better for me to put finishes on the fingerboard first before I start fretting? But because of the bindings I'm not sure how I should do this....

I have market and sawed for the frets.... anyone got any tips for me?


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my teacher first finish & next fretting.. he do not leveling..

i think we are not pro.. ^^

so i first fretting & finish..



good luck...

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all fretting work is end and i finished...

finish is failed.. T_T

and when i make neck.. i no need leveling work.. ^^

only use fret hammer..

today my 4th guitar is all done.. i'm not satisfy for my 4th 5th guitar..

because of finishe.. T_T

i will practice finish.. every day..

i want to make my dream masterbuilder.. i will try..

i will go my woking room.. when eat dinner..


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thank.. for your comment..

yesterday i sleep only 3 hours.. ^^ but happy..

my 4th guitar finish is not good but sound is really happy sound..

this guitar is perfect my main guitar..


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