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The only difference between bass electronics and guitar electronics is different pickups and (possibly) a different tone cap. With the info you've given us, it's hard to be more specific, but it works exactly the same way. Simplest setup is a pickup, a volume pot and a jack, but of you want switches, active electronics, etc., it's all exactly like guitar wiring, just different components. HTH

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OK, you're gonna need a P-style pickup, a volume pot, a tone pot, a tone cap and a 1/4" mono output jack (and hookup wire, solder, an iron, etc.). If you've got money to spend, there are some stellar P-bass replacement p/u's available, but there are plenty of good ones for very reasonable prices. A standard Fender uses 250K audio pots and a .05 uF cap. A fairly simple wiring diagram is here. You should be able to get everything from Brian, or most any other good guitar parts supplier. There's a list on the main site. HTH

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