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Fast drying wood...

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The answer to that one is one you will not like. :D

Unless you have a kiln lying about, your looking at approximately 1 inch per year, and don't use it if it's not dry and seasoned, unseasoned/wet wood sucks tonewise.

That poplar I bought a few weeks ago was still too fresh, it's already developing splits in it. AFAIC, it's junk. I don't have that long to wait!

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i think i heard someone say that with kiln its like 1-3months per 1" instead of a year per 1"

if true, id find somone with a kiln, dont know how you go about that and asking them if you can put it in there and how much they charge though. tell us how it goes.


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in classic guitar...

3~5mm for at least 5years ^^

my teacher naver use at least 5 years air died...

if classic guitar dry rule is apply to solid body.. we dont make solidbody ^^

i think drying is very important ..

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I dont have any expierence at all at this subject so I might be way off in my answer but...Has anyone thought about chemicals? There are some dehydrating agents that remove water from anything ..even the chemical bonds. Im pretty sure that a dehydrating of that degree is not nedded but has anyone tried salting the wood or placing it in brine solution? Calcium chloride works well in dehydrating moisture as well.

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