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Supporting the guitar for Painting

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Ok, my patience is improving but in anticipation of having a body fit for painting soon, what are your preferred methods for spraying.

I will be using car cellulose paints (probably alfa red (guess what car I drive :D ):



Following the colour I am toying with the idea of some sort of subtle markings (ie transfers etc) (need to check topics for this)

Then laquer

Now I have checked out many of the sites on best practice, but I am unclear on just how to suspend the body when spraying. I have always thought that one needs to spray the coats as a single operation, so lying it down to do the front, then later when dry, doing the back etc etc, resulted in obvious layers/overlap !

If hanging the guitar from the ceiling, then doing certain areas such as the base, causes the can to be at a poor angle thus increasing the chance of "spotting/spitting"

Any suggestions on how do this will be greatly received. (Diagrams or plans for any marvelous contraptions will be held in the strictest confidence and reproduced in public........honest)

Thanks in anticipation


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OK, johnbsharp, does that mean you hold the guitar with one hand (ensuring that you dont touch the paint of course) and spray with the other...yes that sounds workable.

I have been toying an idea of somehow supporting the guitar as if in a lathe or a spit, so that the body can be rotated. I thought that this would minimise the risk of paint running on the front and back, however I suspect that this is just a pipe dream.

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I build Telecasters and always buy from the same guys, so I got my supplier to send me a neck stub. You can see what I mean at www.stormriders.com/guitar/telecaster then select on Blue Guitar. Then what I do is open the garage door and suspend the guitar from the door opener shuttle, using a hanger, and spray away. It is the right height for me, and I can rotate the guitar with out touching the guitar itself.

I got this idea from my local luthier, who has been a tremendous help to me.

Have fun.

Guitar Ed

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OK, I think that I have worked out a cost effective way of making a suitable stand....difficult to describe but I will have a go.

I will make a 12" long neck holder from 3" square wood.

At the opposite end to the guitar end, I will drill 15mm hole in each face, including the top.

I will make a stand from the 3" square wood that can be supported in a workmate and fit 15mm tube in the top end protruding sideways.

This will allow the guitar to be positioned in almost all ways without ever having to touch the guitar.

I may have to make the end that fits the guitar from thinner wood as it may otherwise make access difficult into the cut outs of the body.

I would attach a MS paint drawing I have just knocked up, but seme unable to attach files!

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The really simple way, and cheap, is.......

make a fake neck from 3/4" plywood (that's plenty thick to support any body) make it about 30" long.

Fit the neck cavity so you have about 1/32" gap all around, and put a shim on the bottom so there is a gap between your fake neck and the neck pocket. Then, go buy yourself a $19 sawhorse, and a spring loaded squeeze clamp.

Bolt the body to the fake neck, and using the squeeze clamp, clamp the other end of the fake neck to the saw horse. The saw horse I have is 30" tall, which is the perfect height for me when spraying. I spray a perimeter pass (all edges) then the back, then just grab the fake neck, unclamp, rotate the body 180 degrees, and spray the front, and you're set.

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LGM that sounds too simple, why are all the best ideas the simple ones......one question though, I do not think that I have a frong on my guitar :D

A more serious question would be why do you need to unclamp the unit, surely it is possible to walk around it, or have I missed the way that it is held!!

Many ghanks, igs much appreciaged

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Why on earth did you get rid of your frong, I mean it is such a rare item on any guitar now (I had never even heard of one before today). Do you know where I may be able to get one of these?. Can I make one myself....do you have any pictures of your late frong....now I know of them I must have one...or two. Can you make one for me.....should I wait until I get one before I put the final coat of paint on my guitar......so many questions so little time.


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