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Grain filler (I think)

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Hi Guy's

I bought myself two nice pieces of 'Zebrawood' (It's called Zebrano but I think in English it's called Zebrawood)

It's highly figured hardwood, with color's varying from a kind of maple to the black of stained mahogany.

Anyway I'm quite happy with it. :D

This wood has little pore's and some little 'cracks' (I hope this is good English)

I want to use the wood for my neck thru explorer.

The neck is one piece maple and the sides have to be made of the Zebrawood.

I want to use a transparent finish (polyurethane)

BUT what do I do with the pores? :D

Just put enough paint over it so I can sand it flat?

I've heard of 'Grain Filler' What is it?

Is this similar to the white filler to even the surface for a paint job?

My English is not that good so I hope you guy's can understand what I mean

Who can help me? B)



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For Zebrawood, either use 2-part epoxy, or CA (superglue) or the finish itself to fill the pores.

Don't use any other kind of filler, it'll ruin the look of the zebrawood.

PS, Maple and Zebrawood? Jeesus K-Rist, do you work out in a gym every day?

That is going to be one -very- heavy guitar, and probably lacking somewhat in the resonance department.

I would find a way to chamber that sucker big time.


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