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Fingerboard Blanks

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Typical Ibanez radius is 430mm, almost 17". There is no easy to get board with that radius pre-slotted. BUT, Stew Mac sells 25.5" scale preslotted fretboards, and will do a hand pick for you for the longest one's possible, there is plenty of room to cut the last 2 frets. They are 12" radius, but while you are ordering fretboards and a fret slotting saw, order a 16" radius sanding block as well (they don't make a 17"), and modify the board, it's really simple to do, and won't take long :D

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LMII.com Has 16" radius fretboards...Rather they are slotted or not, I donno...

They are only slotted if you ask them to slot them, on the Stew option you have to request the longer board and tell them your going to add fret's 23 and 24 to them.

Like LGM said though, both are just an e-mail or 800 number away :D

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