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Replacing Inlays?


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I'm getting an old jackson performer series RR style V guitar (I cant seem to get any real info on it, however im pretty sure its nothing spectacular), and it has dot inlays in the neck. Im interested in replacing these with this awesome gold coloured metal material i have here, but im wondering if its even possible?

I dont really want to change the inlay shape at all, im happy with the dots, but im wondering if its possible just to straight up replace htem like that? If it is possible how would I go about it?

And if its not, im assuming I would need to (at least) replace the fingerboard. I would most likely need to order that from overseas, because I would need to get it pre-radiused or something like that? As you can see im a bit clueless when it comes to the fingerboard building requirements :D

Any help would be appreciated B)

- Dan

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Yeah you can replace inlays.

First,tape off each dot.Then mark the center of each dot,drill it with a small bit-but only about an 1/8 of an inch deep at most.Put a tiny drop of laquer thinner in the hole and wait a few minutes.This really should be done on a drill press so you can set the drilling depth acurately.Some people use the center hole to pry the inlay out,others drill it out with a bit that's 1/2 the size of the dot and chip the rest out with a sharp knife.

One guy I saw would do the center hole then crack the inlay with a center punch and chip it out with a knife :D .Don't think I'd advise that one-little hard on the neck.

Hope this helps,it'll be cool to see what others say.Ijust replaced all the inlays on a neck and I want to see other methods myself.

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Thanks for that JohnJohn, its nice to see it can be done! Do you have any pics of your process? :D

Also, what about finish? Do i have to do any finishing to the fingerboard or inlays after ive gone through this process?

Also... I suppose knowing this now, it would be possible to alter the shape a bit? nothing major, but maybe adding to the dot shape to make something different, and then just adding my inlay material as usual?


- Dan

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