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First Project Short on$$$$

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i just made my guitar there out of high quality pitch pine, which is as hard almost as maple etc... this gives a wonderful sound, but is a bit £££ lol, more expensive than mahogany...

otherwise...hmm... some alder can be quite light, and reasonably warm, others will know more about this than me, i believe that almost all wood is capable of producing a reasonable sound, ive heard good ish sounding plywood, ,and chipboard guitars...

the thing which determines tone in wood mostly i thing is density and weight. the less dense or lighter allows for a greater sustain, and a warm, rich sound, however m,ore dense woods will have a tighter bass end, less sustain because of the more wood mass to move and a darker tone perhaps.

this is only my feelings, and alot of people have different views about tone in wood and so on...


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