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cool solder tool


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didnt one of the PG members design and make that?

i swear i read something along the lines of a soldering iron pen being made by someone here


i had a trhead on it but not that one.. it doesn't work the way mine does..

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The Cold Heat soldering tool arrived.

Easy ordering, quick shipping, nice case.

I ordered an extra tip (conical) as well.

This thing is cool! Literally.

I haven't done any guitar wiring yet, but on the quick tests this morning, the soldering joints came out nicely.

It takes a little practice to re-learn how to solder with this new method, but 3 minutes in and it's easy.

The cool down time on the site says 5 seconds. Real-world tests here were at about 10 seconds. No complaints though.

Cool Feature: there's a little white LED by the tip. It's pretty bright, so those of you that like to solder in the dark, your prayers have been answered. Actually, for inside elec. cavities, this will help.

I've got a Double Edge replacment coming up soon, so I'll be putting this thing through it's paces when that project arrives. I'll post the results then.

Overall Grade: A

Worth the $20.

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Can you hold this closer to the tip than a traditional soldering iron?  I always grab the steel portion of my soldering iron like a pencil and get burnt.

Is this thing closer to a pencil soldering iron or a weller soldering gun?

You can hold it much closer to the tip than the old-school Weller pencil-type heads.

I'll take some shots of it in my hands when I do that DoubleEdge re-wire. It should give you an idea of how big/small the unit is.

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Well, I just saw the commercial on TV. My credit card has taken a real beating lately, but I figure, what the Hay! in for a penny, in for a pound! So I just ordered one along with the extra conical tip. 2 to 6 weeks for delivery, I'll let y'all know how I like it. In the mean time, anyone else got some more input on how much they like cold heat soldering iron?

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played with one for half an hour or so.. it was alright. takes some getting used too.

not too impressed.. still someone said they were going to buy one for me [ex girlfriend] so i will put it ot good use.

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