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Stratoblaster help


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Hi im building a stratoblaster guitar mount version it says i need a 1.5 or 1 uf capacitor with a 16 v rating, it also says i need a J201, 2N5457 or other JFET for a transistor i cant find these on allelectronics.com is there something else i can use.

Thanks alot

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You might want to try a more general electronic supply company - I think Digi-Key carries the 2N5457, and Mouser carries the J201. As for the cap, any 1 - 1.5 uF cap with a rating above 16v should work fine (30v, 50 v, etc.). For lowest noise, use metallized plastic film caps (polypropylene or polystyrene) and metal film resistors. HTH

<edited for spelling - d'oh!>

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