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Figured VS normal neck wood?

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There are many people that recommend to only use wood with as less variation in the grain as possible for necks, because in theory this should allow the fastest transfer of tone and therefore the best responsivness and tone. I like figured wood for necks very much and used nothing else so far. For bodies many people think that figured wood adds more "character" and "variation" to the overal tone. I wonder what you think. Do you hear a difference between figured and unfigured neck woods? For example regular hard maple and curly maple?

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Hi GM,

The issue is this: Figured woods tend not to 1/4 sawn, thus the wood is less stable. And a truss rod can only do so much. I suspect that a good solution to this issue is carbon fiber rods inserted into the neck. Although, I have not tried this nor do I know anybody who has.

Guitar Ed

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