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Help With Fretboard!

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Hey everyone wassup? Im in the process of building a guitar..and I am in need of some help on a few things..I need some Exact measurments to get started...I've been researching it all like hell and think i could use a little help....i mean my style of guitar would b more along the lines of a Gibson guitar or even a BC Rich style Guitar...it all depends on what design I end up drawing up and liking....n e ways the question is how do i properly space out the fretwire on the fretboard? I mean what are the measurments between frets down the fretboard Exactly??..im lookin to make a longer neck than usual...my BC Rich warlock i bought is a 25.5" and has 24 frets..i would use that for sure as my template..but I have seen sum guitars with about 27 frets or a more....And I would love to have a neck like that...Im wondering if anyone in here could help me out or if n e one knows a site that could help me with the measurements of How much more length i have to add to the neck and also the actual distances frum the fretwire in each fret...thats all i really need help with at the moment...if anyone could help me Asap i GREATLY appreciate it....thanks A LOT in advance to n e one who can help me! :D

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Hey Killer Link....it really helps me a lot man thanx....but the thing is in the Online fret Calculator and the PDF Fret calculator the Max # of frets is 24...sure i will most likely use that....but was wondering how many frets i could make....i have seen some custome guitars that are about 27 or 28 Frets I think if not more...n e ways if i could get the measurements for such a Custom neck that would b great......if not then im more than happy to use the 24 fret measurements....but any help is greatly appreciated! thank you.

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If you feel comfortable with JavaScript, just save that online version and edit it to get rid of that 24 fret limitation.

If you're comfortable with perl, I have this script that I use:


# converted to perl from the

# C-program for calculating fret distances for any scale length

# Written by Chris St. Pierre

# http://www.buildyourguitar.com/resources/tips/fretdist.htm

use strict;

my ($distance, $scale, $location, $scaling_factor, $num_frets);

$scaling_factor = 0;

$distance = 0;

if ($#ARGV > -1) {

  $scale = $ARGV[0];

  $num_frets = $ARGV[1] ? $ARGV[1] : 24;

} else {

  printf ("Enter the scale desired: ");

  $scale = <STDIN>;

  printf ("\nEnter the number of frets: ");

  $num_frets = <STDIN>;


printf("\nFret | Dist bet. frets | Dist to Nut\n");


my $magic = 2**(1/12);

$magic /= ($magic - 1);

foreach my $current_fret (1 .. $num_frets) {

  $location = $scale - $distance;

  $scaling_factor = $location / $magic;

  $distance += $scaling_factor;

  printf("%4d: %10.3f %15.3f\n", $current_fret, $scaling_factor, $distance);



I hope I copy-n-pasted that correctly :D.

There's also an excel spreadsheet around on that page where I got that C-program:


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To be honest, I didn't check to see the limit! Sorry bout that, hope it works out. Neato Java translation, though-- sure wish I had the brians to do that. :D

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Ya sure i like usin computers.....but scripts i aint too big on lol...thx a lot tho..pretty killer info..u one smart person B) heh...but i guess i can jus keep lookin...or if i cant find ne thin soon then ill jus make one with 24 frets heh...its all good really...but ill keep chekin back here and other places...i may have a friend who could help me with the Java Script pr Perl ****...so ill look into that...thanx for all the information everyone!:D...also no worries bout the limit man...its all good...thx again everyone...and n e one with other advice lemme kno! :D

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