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season to build?

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I am talking of the humidity level here. It is 50% relative humidity today and it is juste over 0 deg C.So in the summer it can go very high.85% to 90 and more sometime at 30 to 35% c(rare but it does happend .One furniture maker told me to build less in the summer,wood stability is very bad.Well wood stability is even more important in guitar making, so do i stop building and take care of my shop, jig ,power tool, BBQ ,lawn, or can i build?And how do i take care of the wood that i allready got.

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Well for the most part what you need to pay more attention to is where you store your wood and also what kind of humidity you have inside where your working on it.

It does play a part and can be a hassle when it comes to finishing but for straight out cutting and shaping you should be fine........

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