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Clear Coat question!


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Excellent B) !!!

Thanks a million to everyone on this forum who has helped me throughout this project { my first big project! }!

I've fired up the heaters in the garage, so i'll be spraying it tonight. I'll let you all know how it goes. I plan on shooting a light coat, waiting 15 minutes, then shooting a wet coat, then sanding later with 320. And of course, i'll put a crapload of more coats on there, too. Any other suggestions?

Wish me luck :D !!!


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Great, thanks for the tips! Keep them coming!

My first coats went pretty well. I did, however, catch a few hairs and small debris in the clear :D ... any tips for removing the little buggers? I feel like when i run the sanding block over them, i'm only driving them further into the clear. Also, on the lower edge of the body, there are a few little tiny craters of some kind... they weren't there before i shot the clear, either. It looks like small bubbles have formed and popped. What was this caused by?



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Tiny little pit's formed in any paint are a sign of either contamination of the area sprayed vs the type of paint used or nothing for the particular paint to grab onto and hold.

They are very hard to avoid in some situations, usually what I do if it is just a couple or few of them is lightly scuff the area where they are and spray some of the paint onto a claen piece of paper or foil then dab a little over onto the problem area with either a fine artist's brush or a toothpick (build up the area higher).

Let that dry completely and sand it down level with the rest.

On the other note I'm with BeAR let it dry a bit longer.

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