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A few Q's


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Hey guys, just a few questions, I would have searched but my computer is so messed up right now.

1:What is the average oz.'s of MOP used to inlay a fretboard, with inlays about the size of a quarter and enough left to do a 2 quarter sized inlay on the headstock? How thick should I get them (I think the choices are 0.040", 0.050", 0.060").

2: For finishing my guitar, which will have an alder body with a quilted maple top and a maple neck, I plan on ordering the following from ReRanch: Alcohol based Green and Black dyes, 2 cans of clear Nitro, the 3M "Finesse it II" they recomend for polishing, and the 3M wet/dry sand paper kit. I'm going to do the stain black, sand back, stain green with a black burst (which I'll use a can of black Krylon to do). Am I missing anything?

This is my first attempt at finishing a guitar, so even if I know all there is to know I still feel like I'm missing something. Any help is great, thanks.

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