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Installing new pickups...


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Ok, first off, dont tell me to go get it professionaly done, thats not an option, for one, i have the things to do it, i can solder just fine, and this is my project not some random guy that i pay to do something i can do fine myself.

Ok anyway. When your putting new pickups in humbuckers, dimarzio air norton in the neck and the tone zone in the bridge to be exact, both black and creme, does it matter which part points twoards the neck and which part points to the bridge, like i want both cremes on the inside and both blacks on the outside. If you need to wire it differently tell me... thanks.

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Does it matter which direction I install my pickup?

Most humbuckers are symmetrical and their sound does not change at all when installed backwards, but some have a slightly different sound if you install them in the opposite direction from normal. It’s not a matter of right or wrong, but a matter of taste for such a subtle difference, if you can hear the difference at all. Those models include the Air Norton™, Air Zone™, Evolution® neck, bridge and 7-string, FRED®, Humbucker from Hell™, DLX Plus™ neck and bridge models, Virtual P-90™, Blaze™ neck and bridge models and Tone Zone 7™.

The Steve’s Special™, the Bluesbucker® and the MegaDrive™ have distinctly different sounds if you turn them around, and there is no ‘right’ installation direction. The Bluesbucker® is brighter-sounding with the adjustable screw coil towards the bridge, while the MegaDrive™ is brighter-sounding with the adjustable screw coil towards the neck. The Steve’s Special™ is brighter-sounding if the coil on the pickup’s cable exit side is toward the bridge.

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