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ah, is this a sanding flaw?


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Welcome to the forum.

Any pics?

I doubt this would be a sanding flaw.Wood usually maintains it;s colour and feel all the way through.Unless you aggressively sanded against the grain.It could be a defect in the wood or some kind of additive under the finish.Basswood is generally fairly uniform wood in terms of it's look and workability.

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no i don't have a camera :D

i didn't aggresively sand. i didn't use any pressure at all i just let the sander do its own thing, evenly over the whole body.

i don't know what it is. i tried sanding it with a fine grain sandpaper and it did help to smooth them out a bit but it's still discolored. any ideas?

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actually i wasn't sure yet.

my plan was to get it all down to the bone then visualize what i wanted to do.

i'll most likely do some kind of burst finish.

i was thinking about doing the flame technique with the heat gun and stencil.

i'm worried that these wood flaws or whatever they are will effect the paint/stain.

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