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The Satch hook-up!

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OK, so this weekend was the Dallas Guitar Show. For a $15 entry fee, I get in on Sunday, walk to the Peavey stage, and see Andy Timmons rock for 45 min. or so. Great show, worth the $15. But then, bonus of bonuses, written in on the list of performers, my personal favorite, Satch. He had some backing tracks (couldn't get the band thing together in time) and played some classics (Satch Boogie, ...Blue Dream, Always with me...) and some tunes off an album that was just released Tuesday! (Up in Flames, Hands in the Air, Gnaaah) Then, when I thought the show couldn't get better, Andy Timmons comes back with bassist and drummer, and he and Satch jam on Up in the Sky and Goin' Down. It landed somewhere between totally badass and total guitar nirvana(not the Kurt Cobain kind). Boo Yah, definitely a top ten day of my life.

Why is this in this thread you ask? Well, after the show Satch was cool enough to do autographs for anyone who wanted one. I, for I think the only time in my life, had the forsight to bring the neck of my project, and Satch (my most admired player, did I already say that?) SIGNS THE BACK OF THE HEADSTOCK! You know the beyatch will play twice as fast and 10x as smooth now that I got that mojo! Anyway to the true nuts and bolts: The headstock has one or two thin coats of laquer on it, and I obviously want to preserve the signature. Am I OK to just put some more over it, or would that melt the sharpie ink, and put me in a perma-depressed state?

Sorry about the flash, but you get the idea.....


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