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EMG-AB or other preamp


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When using passive pickups, you normally ground the bridge (trem claw) and star everything together. When using active pickups (EMG), the bridge is not grounded but the pots,... are. So when switching the preamp on/off, should the bridge ground wire be switched also? I don't know about the electronics world but in higher power applications, switching grounds is not normally a good idea. I just don't know what is normally done in this case.

I have not seen anything in any wiring diagrams for any of the preamps I have bought that explain this or indicate how to handle it. My only guess is that you should leave the bridge grounded all the time but I don't know if that's correct or not?

Thanks for any thoughts you might have on this.


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they don't need to be grounded but i do it anyway as it doesn't hurt to have them grounded

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