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airbrush templates

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I would either get a big sheet of one-sided sticky paper and then cut your deisgn out of it, or if they are like me, they would use a computer engraver to engrave out a plastic template :D

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flames done on bikes and cars are done free hand, whoever does the paint usually takes 1/8" maskin tape and lays out the flame pattern then covers the rest of the area not being sprayed with more maskin then sprays the flame pattern


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Airbrush templates can be done a number of ways tape,chalk and paper,frisket or liquid frisket,handheld masks or templates.

The first-clean the surface and use the chalk to sketch out your design then using 1/4" tape outline it and tape newspaper,(personally I prefer vellum paper-it costs more but it's more durable),over the areas you don't want to spray.

Frisket is a clear vinyl with an adhesive on one side.Clean the area,do your design,lay the frisket over it and cut out the areas you want to spray.The bonus of frisket is that you can re-adhere the cut pieces to dry sprayed areas to prevent overspray from another area.Liquid frisket is a rubberized liquid that is good for detail work.Although Gary Padilla of 3-D Graphics will coat an area in contact cement and pull areas back for a ripped effect.

you can also use cardstock or thin rigid vinyl to cut out a shape and spray against it or use french curves to paint a design.

Also here's a link for vinyl templates,they were designed by a guy named Craig Fraser-the guy is a real heavy in custom automotive airbrushing.


Then at the left click stencils in the airbrush supplies list.

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Craig Fraisers templates rock, they are solvent resistant and can be used over and over. I also cut templates from photo paper quite often. When doing flames though, it's best to mask it all out, templates don't leave a perfect crisp edge, the other thing you HAVE to do when using templates is be sure to ONLY just mist the image in or you will have a very hard edge that is difficult to hide (unless you are going for the hard edge, in which case you should use tape and not a template)

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