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Inlay Glue?


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Larry R. uses CA

I use the same exact CA

Stew-Mac liquid thin.

I also add ebony dust (very fine) around the edges in ebony to help do away with any pearl edges showing through.

It darkens the glue and sands out to an almost perfect color match.

I still have not found an epoxy that hardens as good as CA given the time.

Craig Lavin

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What kind of material are you inlaying?

For MOP, and other shell, CA does work very well and works quickly too.

For metal (silver, brass,...), I've been told that epoxy works a bit better. I've used both CA and epoxy for this type of inlay and so far - no difference in the end result. I hate working with epoxy and will try to avoid it if possible - it reeks and is pretty damn messy! If it's the right stuff for the job though, I guess you gotta deal with it.

Has anyone else used metal in their inlaying? If so, what do you use? Do you think it's true that epoxy works better than CA for metal inlay? (sorry for any possible/future hijacking that may occur :D ).

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I use CA for everything, and I use about as many materials, metals, shells, plastics, bones, etc.. that are out there. I never have had a problem with any of them. Black and gold pearl don't hold as well with CA when gluing a paper pattern down to them, but wih the quantity of glue used for gluing into a route it seems to work fine.


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