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Help with WOOD again

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Hey everyone, I posted a week ago or sumthing about the kind of wood im lookin for...I been researchin and thanx A LOT to those of you who replied i kno there are sum big differences in tonality...in terms of tone im looking for a good solid wood, that is hopefully not too heavy.....but gives off a sound similar to that of a BC Rich Warlock Bronze, or an Epiphone Les Paul...i mean sumthing that has that lil bit of a bassy sound in there, but wen bending and playing lead it can sound pretty killer..dunno if im explaining it rite..listen to sum Iron Maiden and u will see wha i mean...but ya either way jus wanna find a good wood that would give me tonality that could b bassy, yet not too much, like just enuff to notice a difference, but also to have a nice sound for lead and a HEAVY Crunch for playin chords and **** like that...price is not much of an issue yet b/c i dont kno n e prices...so if u could help me out and lemme kno which kinda woods/even pickups i should start lookin for to start building this guitar i would really appreciate it! thank you very much. :D

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Still can't go wrong with mahogany!

If you want something a bit more on the 'exotic' end of things but still with that tonal range, ALLEGEDLY Korina/Limba are a bit more sparkly than mahogany. I'll let you know when my build's done. :D

As for pickups... meh! There's so many to choose from... hit the manufacturer's websites and do some research. Check out webpages of your favourite artists and see what they use.


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Guest Litchfield Custom Gutars

Korina is the best choice. Alder would be good too, givin that you mentioned maiden...their strats are alder. They aso use Duncan pickups.

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