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Hmm i am Dead and Putting my shop together


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aparently in 1953 i died


The ground on which the church building stands was owned many years ago by Curtis Gregory, born in 1813, and who donated the land to the church; near the church is the spot on which stood the large dead tree cut down in the year 1814 for wood to heat saltpeter from the cave nearby, to make gunpowder in the war that began in 1812. The felling of the tree crushed to death Ansil Gregory, who lived near enough to the place where his son was killed to take his mule and sled and take the body to his home

hmmm didnt' realize i was dead........ haaa

on a lighter note i have decided to find me a shop today, i am officially opening up my shop as soon as i find a location


beer is proof that GOD loves us and cares about us

Benjamin Franklin

and visit. http://www.andrewrichardson.us/forums/Guitar/

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i have a friend who actually has on his health record

"Died suddenly of unknown causes 1998"

he only found out when he went for a medical test last year

with the shop are we talking a general electronics type shoppe or just a guitar electronics shop?

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100bucks a month for a 10*15 room climate controlled my own access door and two windows..

and all the utilities..

yes this was a gift from god

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wow thats pretty good. 100 bucks for rental of shop space is minimal

btw tell me where it is and over my gap year ill give you a visit lol

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i wil be postin the new website and address soon :D i go in the morning to see it

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you may be dead, but check out my credentials:

Dan Jensen

i also invented the Orange County Drum and Percussion vented snare (the highest standard in all that is snare drums. they really do sound better, which is the scary part...)

Dan Jensen OCDandP

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ha ok dan i am definately jealous well i would be if i wasn't dead lol

and it looks like i got a better deal on a shop 1200sqft at 220 a month.

with bathrooms and such. water included and i pay electricity

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