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Building my second guitar

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Hello everyone, new member here! B)

I'm about to start on building my second guitar (from scratch, of course..you won't find any kits here, heh). I was planning on using a TOM bridge, and string-thru design. I was wondering if it would be wise to not use string ferrules on the top side of the guitar. As I have never even held nor seen a guitar with string-thru/TOM bridge, I was curious as to how it would look, and how it would affect the mechanics of the guitar. Of course, I plan on beveling a slot into the hole for the strings, if you see what I mean.

Also, this guitar will be neck-thru. If I recess the neck blank (where it meets the body), and laminate the "wings" lower than would be without the recess, I won't need a neck 'angle' correct? As the bridge will be recessed, so to speak. Again, if this is clear to you.

Something else I wondered is where, exactly, do you ground your electronics without a trem bridge. You can't just drill through the guitar and solder to the bridge. I thought I would maybe connect the ground to one of the string ferrules?

Hope this was clear enough for you guys. :D

Thanks if you can help.

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What's up.

I'm new too, but I can help a little....

First, without a trem, you DO drill through the guitar and ground to the bridge. It's not as bad as it sounds though....you just have a small hole running from the cavity to the bridge, and run a wire through it. Place the bridge on top of the wire (no solder required), and thaere you go. :D

Abuot the no ferrules on top....I wouldn't do that. After a qhile, I can picture the strings rubbing the finish off the top of each hole, and to me, this is just asking for trouble....especially when ferrules are so easy to get and use.

Now about the TOM bridge....instead of doing all that crazy stuff about lining everything up, you can simply recess the TOM bridge, and then you won't need a neck angle. Check out Carvin's new M bridge....it's exactly what you're describing...recessed TOM bridge with the strings going through the body using ferrules.

Anyway ,hope this helps. B)


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Welcome to the forum Blumpkin! :D

On the neck angle you could go flat (like a Strat) even with a bolt on as long as it would have a locking nut or decent drop off from the nut, the main thing I have learned about the angled necks is that they help eliminate secondary harmonics which can also be stopped using a good string tree in most case's...........

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