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Wiring help

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hmmmm (scratches head)

I see 2 vols. 2 tone ... and 1 Master volume ... and I'm just learning how to do wiring myself.... :D

Hopefully JoryNad will be able to extrapolate how to wire in the master volume from those diagrams... does it really require additional explanation? B)

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nyjbkim :

I guess Jory could not "extrapolate" how to wire in a master vol. control ... So I guess yes ....It does require an additional explanation .... I'd like to know myself how it can be done or what I should extrapolate from other wiring diagrams to come up with a viable schematic. I'm sure there are more people in this forum than Jory and myself who are not Thomas Alva Edison's.

Jory: I'm sure someone will have an answer on how to wire in a master vol. for your configuration... Unfortunately... I don't

Oh, by the way... "extrapolate" I believe that's worth at least 20 points in Scrabble...... :D

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If you have both individual and master volumes, you better use 1M pots because with every volume set to max, your pickups will "see" 500K to put it simply. If you use all 500K pots, the pickups will "see" 250K because the individual and master volume pots will in effect be connected in parallel, which would be OK for single coils but not ideal for humbuckers.

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thanks guys, yea ill will be doing that, and hey if if doesn't work i can always ditch the master volume! horay! aswell any one knowe of a place where i can find a good cheap neck.... preferably gibson style

Brian's got some strat and tele style necks for excellent pricing. If that doesn't do anything for you, your next best bet is probably Carvin.

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