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Pickup Soundclips

Jon Bell

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Although I originally setout to build a custom guitar I've gradually been sidetracked into designing my own pickups (humbuckers specifically). After months of prototypes I've settled on six different designs I like. I've recorded some audio using three of the different models, the links to which are below.

Here's a low gain PAF type (neck). 958k


This a medium output alinico 5 job (bridge). 326k


And this is a high output ceramic magnet pickup (bridge). 500k


And another with some rhythm guitars too. 360k


I put the pickups in an old Epiphone Les Paul except for Eruption which was a cheapie Ibanez RG. :D



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wow. that PAF sounds amazing.


amazing smooth curve it has, not alot of transients.

beautiful and warm yet not to hot.

i have got to get more info on this!!!!

do you hand or machine wind and how long have you been doing this. inform us?

nice stuff!


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Thanks for the comments!

I've been winding pickups for about a year now but I do have a background in electronics. I spin the bobbins on a machine I designed and I and tension and guide the wire by hand using my own winding pattern. I've sold a few to some local guitarists but I'm hoping to sell them properly by the summer.

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The low-gain PAF is, indeed, PFA.

I think the name's caught on... quick, market it before someone steals it.

I'll have two, please, as a balanced set with nickel covers. :D Actually, I'm half-serious... but that'll be a few projects away, so I can't make an actual order or even a promise. B)

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Wow, 22Kohm? Thats awesome! You using 1 lb magnets? :D I'm using the Golden Age overwound 'buckers from Stewmac (12 Kohms) and am happy with the results, as far as the price goes. I'd like to get into winding my own pups one day, but have no clue of where to order the right supplies, ie. magnets, thin gauge wire, etc. As far as "muddiness" goes, can it be cured with the right capacitor?

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As far as "muddiness" goes, can it be cured with the right capacitor?

If a pickup is wired directly to a jack socket and it sounds muddy there is no real way of getting it to clear up, different capacitors will just take out more top end. I've found if you bring the volume pot to about half way a muddy pickup starts to clear up but if your going to do that you might as well put in a lower powered pickup in the first place.

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