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Hardware on the way, finally

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I have finally been able to send off the cheque for all the hardware im buying for my project guitar. the guy emailed me to say he's got it and everything should be with me sometime next week

for those who dont remember, im making a strat copy by buying stuff mainlly off ebay.

neck is a jim deacon and the body is a 3 piece alder squier

face of headstock and entirety of body have been repainted and lacquered (tho lacquer coat isnt that great and there are a few sand throughs in the painting)

the hardware is going to be entirelly black and im cutting a custom pickgaurd on the laser cad we have here at my school

i'll also be putting some sort of a booster into it as well controlled by a switch on the pickgaurd

i'll put pictures up when its done but i probablly wont enter it into GOTM since its just not goodenough lol

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We have a laser cad that can cut out 2D shapes in different plastics and we also have a CAD engraver that cuts out printed circuit boards. i actually spend more time playing with the latter. its so nice being able to make sweet circuit boards

Spirit, yes i am thinking of a pre-amp styleethang wjem i say booster tho im going to build it myself. after all. if i can make my own custom pre-amp to my spec then whats the point in paying for it lol

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look about a third of the way down the page on the left hand side and you will see a set of tutorials on transistor amplifier design. the first two are the most useful imho since after that he goes off and talks about how to design it for radio frequencies. but the one explaining how to bias the transistor and then how to use emitter degeneration to lessen the gain is very useful.

lots of sites have schematics and tutorials for making boosters. go to www.generalguitargadgets.com and look under the section called Boosters, also go to other sites in their links section

hope thats useful

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