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psw introduction


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Great site.

Just an introduction to myself. I have been playing around with the guitar for some 30+ years.

From time to time I get obsessed with a couple of ideas and have been experimenting with them fairly full-on for the past 2 years.

I have built a number of pickup winders,

I am experimenting with Rare earth Magnets

I am detirminded to create a sustaining device to drive the strings like the ebow, sustaniac or fernandes systems.

I am a complete nutter when it comes to experimenting with the wiring of my numerous strat copies.

Congratulations on the site. It's great to see some like minded individuals working together.

I hope I can contribute something and I look forward to getting some feedback to help with my experiments.




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yo man

if you're wanting to design your own sustainers then your imediatelly on my list of people i willhave to talk to lots lol. ive been thinking of having a go at it for a while :D

welcome to the forum

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I've got some questions for you since you rewind pickups and have experimented with rare earth magnets.

I found some rare earth magnets that are the same size than the alnico 5 rods used in strat pickups.

Did you ever try to build a pickup out of those?

I'm curious to see if that would work but haven't been around to try it yet.

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Hi psw!

If you get a sustainer system working, there will be PLENTY of people on here who will want to know how to make their own. :D There are also a few on here (myself NOT included!) who will even be knowledgeable enough to help out and be a sounding board. B)

A strong magnet that needs to be placed far away from the strings could potentially be a good candidate for an 'invisible' (ie under the pickguard or wood) passive magnetic pickup, no?


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Sure would, GregP.

At the moment I'm making a HEX pickup. Six tiny coils on their side!!!!

Because the magnet is not directed at the string but along it it doesn't have the same pull on it. Something along these lines was used by gibson on the Les Paul Recording and their Ripper Bass.

The powerful magnets, if not interfering with the string mean less turns of wire. What you could get is a low impedance pickup with a strong output.

But remember to only use tiny RE mags. My prototype hex coil has a RE core of 3mm x 4mm and I'm not pointing it at the string!

I started a new thread on sustainer ideas but its a tricky problem!!! I've got them to work in principle but almost burnt my fingers due to the amount of power I was putting into the coil (about 10 watts!)B):D:D

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