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Pick up combo ???


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Ok ..... So I have the typical h/s/s/ 1 vol 1 tone Jackson guitar ....

I have a Dimarzio Evolution (F spaced) for the bridge ... a Dimarzio HS-2 for the middle ... and a Dimarzio YJM for the neck .... I'll be using 500K pots with and also .033 or .047 caps ... also the pick up cavities and control cavity will be completely shielded w/ copper tape (soldered at the seams of course) .... I have very little experience w/ these pick ups ... Does it sound like a good set-up ? I'm looking to be able to get the Yngwie type tone... then be able to switch it up to something like Via ... and then be able to pull off a mean sounding cover of Led Zep's The Lemon Song...... Any thoughts......

Also I play through several different amps .... Namely a Ampeg VT 120 Tri Ax all tube head and an Ampeg cabinet w/ 4 Celestion's when no one is home... a Line 6 Spider 112 amp ... I also play through a Zoom PS04 recorder.....

Do you think these pick ups are going to be too shrill and bright ???? Thanks for any input ... .. :D

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