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Haven't had time to take pictures yet but here's my report.............

Good news...................

First off they nailed the look :D

The binding is great on the body top job! and even up the side's of the fret board

They even put mahogany veneer on the back of the body B)

So So news....................

The front veneer isn't as flamed as on the HT-10's on my batch but that just a matter of preference plus timing cause they do very alot

Bad news...............

3 of the 4 kit's I recieved are going back because of bad truss rods, they simply didn't mount them correctly :D

The top of the body looks composite under the veneer :D

Other then that start asking questions and I'll see if I can answer them for you :D

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well i was thinking bout shoving in a couple of Dimarzios into it... dunno what 1s but im asuming the original 1s aren't very good. One of my teachers wants me to put a kit guitar together for him and ive been checking prices... So brian u will have some orders coming in soon for a kit B)

Big Tom


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