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Bass builting Vs Guitar builting

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What do you mean?

Well, the only difference I can think is that a fretless bass needs no fretwork...

If you are asking if it's easyer to build a bass rather than a guitar, from my very little experience there's no big difference.

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Having built both, I actually find building a bass a bit harder. The necks are much wider, so the radius on the back of the neck is not necessarily a perfect circle, it is more oval shaped, which is more difficult to get precise than a circle. Also larger proportions so more room for errors, thats just me.

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sorry I didnt specifie...it is 11 in the night here and I was studing all day about chemical reactions acid equilibria pH calculation using logarythms and in the morning I did a physics test on quantum physics centripital motion electronics magnetic fields and more...

Im kinda sleepy now hehe :D

Mostly I wanted to know hoe difficult it would be since I have no expierence with basses. It is for a good friend of mine so I want to know if i should get a new book or something or will "make your own electric guitar" by Melvyn Hiscock cover the method to be used. (I havent got it yet...Im waiting for it to come)

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"make your own electric guitar" is defintiely a great place to start, it was my first book on the subject. I got the first edition waaaayyyyy back in '87.

You'll learn everything you'll ever need with it. The project guitar site and forum will answer whatever else you may have for questions.

The bass in hiscock's book is a neck-through-body which might be a bit more complicated to build, but you can always build a bolt-on one anyway.

And to answer you original question: No, personnally I don't think there's much difference in building a bass or a guitar, you might want to look into reinforcing a bass neck with carbon rods, but besides that the difference is pretty much scale lenght, hardware ect...

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The differences depend:

If you compare a bolt-on guitar to a bolt-on bass, I'd say the neck maybe takes longer, but is not nessesarlly(sp?) more difficult.

If you compare set-necks, they are fairly the same, the main difference, and difficulty will be with thru-neck basses.

I've built both, I can't really say which is harder, though I can say the basses I built were funner, with bassists being more open the the use of exotic woods, exotic body shapes, plus I have found laminated necks to be cool looking, funner to make, and stronger.

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a bass bridge takes no routing. You bassically (get it? It's a pun!) draw a line, mark the holes, drill, and screw. No problemo.

I can't comment on the neck building, but buying a Warmoth neck is sure easy! :D Wiring is generally simpler on a bass, and the body itself I can't imagine to be any diff than a guit body. One thing is that the bridge is MUCH farther back on a bass, so you have to make sure it doesn't interfere with an arm bevel. I nearly messed that up on mine


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Wow.. Lex Luthier..

i agree your answer.. long neck is more difficult than shot neck..

wood stability & hardness more need..

i'm yet not maked bass. but Lex Luthier's answer

i think.. long neck is more difficult..

when space shuttle go moon.. if 1 Angle is diff. naver arrial moon..

so long neck will be more difficult..

i think router work is not difficult.. but need some time..

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