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TOM vs strat style (non-trem) bridge

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Given the choice, which bridge would you choose; and for what reasons? I was first leaning toward the TOM because they seem like a good non-trem solution, and I just wondered if the strat-style non-trem would offer the same quality as far as tone, durability, ease of use, etc. (I have never even played a non-tremolo guitar; let alone had the chance to compare TOM to strat style.) Anywho, I think I'm leaning toward the strat-style now, so a little push to one side or the other will help. :D

Here are the two bridges I'm trying to choose from:

TOM Bridge

Strat-style non-trem

With the strat-style, you won't have to have as much of a neck angle, right? (not the peghead angle, the actual neck angle)

Plus, I would only have to buy ferrules for the back side, lol. B)

Thanks for any help those of you seasoned non-trem players can offer.

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I think that the difference in tone is neglegible compared to the difference in feel. With the TOM you have the strings very high above the body as long as you don't recess it. With the strat style bridge they are much closer to the body. I myself like the strings closer to the body, but you have to decide that for yourself. Just play some TOM and Strat-Style guitars and choose the one you prefer....

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