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A great idea

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For you really skilled guitar makers who make guitars from scrap, have any of you had the idea to "cross breed" 2 guitar types. I drew a sketch of a BCSG(Half BC Rich, half Gibson SG, it looked cool, but i cant finds the sketch and i cant draw another one until my next study hall which couold be a while. :D

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Dean Zelinsky of Dean Guitars came up with some pretty wild combinations about 30 years ago. The Dean Cadillac is a combo of an Explorer and a Les Paul, and the Dean ML is a combo of a V and an Explorer. Word is that Washburn had to license the ML body and headstock from Dean for the "Dime" guitars.

Combinations are cool. I wish more people would do them just to be different. It could even be something as subtle as an Explorer carved and finished PRS-style, if you can imagine such an animal.

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