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some questions

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i'm probably gonna built a bass for myself soon, so, i have some questions in mind, if all of you don't mind to answer it.

1. how wide is the neck at the nut and at the end of the fretboard? how long should it be?

2. what is the drill bit size to drill the tuners hole?

3. is 1 piece neck ok? or should laminate some woods?

i'm interested on making this as fretless but, is there any difficulties in playing one?

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Size depends on genetics,(ha-ha sorry),it depends on how many strings you want and the scale length.This link will help you calculate length:


The drill bit for the holes really depends on what tuning keys you're using.A lot of companies do either one or two piece necks.IMO-3 piece laminated is stronger,which is always best for a neck.

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