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WTB- Old Unwanted Stomp Pedals


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This is mainlly aimed at the english guys since P+P from the US would be too much, but i was wondering if any of you guys have old effects that you didnt want anymore or were'nt working and you wanted to shift.

im basically looking for some to either fix up or canibalise for parts and im quite happy to pay you for them if the price is right lol



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good luck,

all the nice vintage ibanez (solid metal cases ones from the 70's) are hot for collectors, just look on ebay.

one time i saw a really nice stereo flanger or something going for around 600$US.

(but of course it was rare)

even the MXR or whatever the name is, are in the 30$+ range i think.

now im sure if you just wanted something to play around with, im sure you could find some off brand dirty, beat up stuff for cheap.


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im not really looking for vintage effects. more the second grade type ofthing that your talking about. basic reason is so i can canibalize nice cases, stomp switches and pots lol. ive been tempted by a marshal guvnor 2 on ebay. if i see one for under £20 including P+P then im nabbing it lol

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depends on how much youd sell it for. im afraid my budget isnt stretching to much which is why im really looking for broken effects to canibalize. thanks for the offer tho

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I have a boss Eh-2 enhancer I got that might temp you, name the price and we will sort something out

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just thinking about it, I should name the price...hehe...hmmm...I'll let it go for £23 inc. posting (just the £3 to add abit for the posting) get back to me and I'll get sum pics if you want them.

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i got modded boss ds1 and boss heavy metal pedal.

very modded and both work

i would let the ds1 go for 25usd that includes shipping to your side of the pond.

20 usd for a tsa clone includes shipping to yourside of the pond


mine has a feedback knob and a volume knob.. too..

ts9 clone works. 20usd includes shipping to yoruside of the pond.

original hatemachine in small box no logo.

20bucks including shipping.

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