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Pre-drilled Neck Holes

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I'm considering buying one of WD's kit tele replacement necks for my project,

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It says that the neck holes are pre-drilled, wouldn't that make it more difficult to fit accurately, as i thought it was best to drill the body first then match the holes with the neck??? I'm making my own body from scratch, not using a pre-made one.

How would i do this? If it's going to be a b**ch then i'll plump for the direct tele replacement instead,

Also, does anyone have any experience with these necks?


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they're designed to fit they're bodies, that's why they pre drill the necks so you it kinda encourages you to buy a body at the same time. You might try calling and asking if it's avalable with no heel holes

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or, if you get the neck, just mesure it from bottom of the heel to the centre of the hole, then the out side edge of heel (side) to centre of hole and mark it that way, be a bit of a pin i think, but it would work, if you do it right


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It's real easy to make the body holes in reverse. You just take the neck, and put little dowel centers into the holes. Then you press the neck into place and it will leave 4 starter indentations. If you can't get dowel centers (I never bothered to get any myself) then you can put pickguard screws into the holes. They will self-center because they are conical shaped, and when you press the neck into the pocket, you'll get four X's. Then "X" marks the spot where you drill. I countersink the neck holes just a little to stop the threads from lifting the wood out when you install the screws. That can cause creaks, or a less than tight fit. But the countersink also centers the pickguard screw perfectly.

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