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Floyd Rose Configuration Assistance

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Basic stuff I am afraid. Currently rebuilding sad jackson Professional (of some description) and I noticed that the string heights seemed, well just not right, (ie the high e was higher(distance wise) than the b string!!!.

So I have stripped the floyd rose to find that it has "lock boxes" comprising of 2 off 1's, 2 off 2's and2 off 3's. When comparing them on a flat surface, they are of notable height differences. The way the guitar was set up, was high e=3,b=2,g=3 etc ie all to pot!!!!!

I am assuming that they should be







Many thanks


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Thought so, but when dealing with something for the first time, it never hurts to check with those more experience in such "black arts".

Many thanks GEdwardJones.

PS God knows why or how it was configured the way it was???? .......................................and he aint talkin

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