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Seymour Duncan


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Why don't they sell the Dimebucker in a trembucker spacing? Has anyone used one with a trem bridge? Are there any noticable problems with doing that?

I love their products but their website isn't the most intuitive for me. For example, why do they have to list things by the type of guitar they think it's going to be used in? An example of this is the first "Electric" page - they list things by strat, tele, ... Then, when you pick "Humbucker", you get a page that says "Humbucker Pickups for Les Paul". They must realize that a large portion of the guitar world is no longer just Strat, Tele, and Les Paul? :D

Does anyone know if they just have a full product listing somewhere on that site?

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Thanks for the info on the BL pickup. I keep forgetting about him.

So, for either of them - if I wanted a guitar that could be used for some kick-butt metal madness or chilled out blues'y/hard rock sound - would that pickup work? Is it really only meant for the kick-butt part?

I've been really into the scremon demon with an onboard preamp lately. This combo really gives me the ability to do both and it sounds great.

I try not to get tunnel vision though - if I don't try new things I will never know what I'm missing - ya know? So, given that I really love the ability to do both with one guitar - would you recommend trying the dimebucker or am I going to just want it for a metal type guitar only?

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Exactly, and just a thought... Save 50 bux and buy a bill lawrence. The dimebucker is a copy of the XL-500 which dime acually uses and i still think he does might use them.

From reading interviews with Dimebag I think he wasn't happy with the Bill Lawrence. Seymour Duncan built him an improved version of this pickup (which I believe he now uses) so the Dimebucker and XL-500 are different pickups. Personally, I've only ever used the Dimebucker (not the XL-500) so this is based on what I've read from him. The Dimebucker is a great metal pickup but it doesn't sound too good for lower gain stuff.


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