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Next Project Idea....maybe

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i have just found out 2 fairlly cool things

1 is that a friend of mine who has picked up the guitar a few months ago is interested in building a guitar. (he has a 2nd hand Gibson, one of the studio versions and its seriouslly beaten up but sounds amazing) whats quite cool about it is he told me a few years ago at his house they chopped down an old walnut tree and that the boards may be big enough for making a guitar body out of. they've been sitting for 3 years so they should be dry now (someone who knows more than me correct me if im wrong) so im tempted to see if i can get a couple of boards of him in return for giving him a hand making his guitar. im fairlly sure that someone said walnutwas a good wood to use tho im gonna have a search throughthe forum in a moment to check

second cool thing is that i had a look at the warmoth website yesterday and they do baritone 7 string necks :D so i reckon that the next project i do might be a big 'un lol

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since im only gonna have the hard tail it wont be that expensive. warmoth has a 7 string hard tail for 40USD which is a steal for me given current exchange rates lol.

incidentlly, while im posting here. can anybody give me a link to a picture of a walnut guitar with a tung oil finish?

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