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pickup selector switch help


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ok, basically ive got all the hardware and electronics for my guitar now. its all looking peachy (apart from having to redrill the trem mounting holes but thats not too bad)

problem inow have is that i want to change the wiring since im going to be putting some effects inside it and i can't quite figure out the wiring from the 5 way switch.

i want to have each of the 3 pickups selectable in the normal strat way (bridge, bridge + middle, middle, middle + neck, neck) and for that to go straight into another pot (which will be used for the FX) what i need to know is which of the tabs from the pickup selector should i solder together to then send to the pot so i have normal switching.

the switch i have has 8 tabs all inline. heres a pic 5way.jpg

all help is much appreciated



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*goes and checks all the schematics he looked at*

your right as well.......i feel like a right fool now lolol

i didnt figure that the signal doesnt get routed through the tone controls. the switch just connects them to the pickups but it still connects them to the lugs for the volume control.i really need to read diagrams properlly in future

cheers man


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did you use the link i sent you.. i hope u enjoy it

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lol no im not putting a fuzz factory in. i wouldnt have space for all the knobs lol.

the plan is to have all the pickups selectable as per usual, have a master tone control before the effects and then have a mosfet booster circuit with a variable gain control. this would all then go into a master volume control. i was thinking about having a switch to turn the booster on/off but tbh if i had it as a stomp box then since it can do clean and dirty id just leave it on the whole time so theres not much point making it switchable

ive got the stereo jack that i need to have the power turned on and off by inserting the cable and so everything should fall together nicelly

btw ansil i havnt used the link you gave me yet but i will soon lol, im looking forward to it

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