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about fingerbord

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Hello to everybody here..... I'm new in the forum and i have a Q??

I have a Gibson Les Paul and i'm thinking of replacing the rosewood fingerbord with an ebony ...so i'm too risky at this point?????

would it be a good replacing from the tech guy?????

I think i want more punchy note plus the bootm of the guitar.. :D

thanks and hope im right in this topic

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Try changing the pickups first, that way if you don't like the new sound you can always go back. Pickups can make a big difference to the sound and there are loads to choose from. Changing the fretboard is a very big job and there are lots of things that could go wrong, especially if you never done it before. Its better to practice on a cheap guitar than a Gibson Les Paul.


EDIT: Primal beat me to it.

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I have already changed the pickups with EMG'S . I have tried and the HN3 of Tom Anderson ,but this one doesn't fit.I also think that none pickup can produse the sound of ebony wood on the Les Paul...I'm afraid of sonething going wrong with the restore of the fretboard... thanks for the link....southpa

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