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Star inlays on a stratocaster

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Hi there! I just registered on this forum, and here's my contribution.

This all started last year, when I bought a squier strat along with an original fender case. I was looking for a cheap guitar just to try to make it sound good, and this one seemed a good choice, also because of the hardcase, which was amazing, and all of this for just 125 euros... it's ridiculous!

Enough about that, I thought it would be a cool idea to make star inlays on the fretboard, and it turned out great!

Check it out on my website:


keep the good work!

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LOL! No, german isn't the official language here in portugal...

First of all, imunwell2: The engraver is a Gravograph IS400, you can check their website, which must me something like www.gravograph.com, but I don't think you're willing to buy this machine just to make inlays, this particular one cost me about €15000 (about the same in dollars) 2 years ago.

wyldbil: I would gladly do it cheap, but that would mean you'd have to send the neck over to portugal, and I don't really think that's such a great idea. I could, however, make the inlays and mail them to you... but then you'd have to make the holes...

www: I don't really know the year of manufacture, but I think it might be 2001/2002, and I also love the big headstock, it looks really cool! I'm even thinking about making some inlay work on it, any sugestions, just let me know!

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Fine work indeed!

I stumbled onto this forum while looking to do Start inlays on a neck.. I want to make a Sambora clone of his single humbucker reverse headstock Fender with the Black hardware and floyd rose. :D

That is outstanding!

Great job

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