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Can ANYONE tell me straight forword what materials to use in swirl painting? I have been looking through the internet for months and have never come up with anything solid. I work in a body shop so I have access to all kinds of paint, but without know what to use, I could waste alot of material and get in trouble.

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Vaibanez, I know what your going through lol iv serched and serched and have been laughed at mostly by mostly everyone who has that info. I remember Brian having a tutorial a while back on "paint swirl" im sure he'd give you the info( BTW..Brian, where ever did that tutorial go lol???) . I did get a nibble of info from someone. i was told to use a polyurathan based paint but to be mindful to use it quickly before the colors bleed into each other. LOL of course i have not tried this yet the cost of poloy-paint is alittle more moola then your enamel or latex. But if all else fails you could always stop by Frede Herc's websight( not sure of the proper web address type in "herc custom" under serch and see if it pulls it up) and let him do it for you lol but i imagine your like me and want to try it yourself....i don't blame ya!!!!!! good luck in your continued serch if i come accross anything else i'll relay it to you as im still serching myself so vice versa ahhhite!!!! Laterz!!!!!!!!!! :D

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Actually there is a tutorial in the works (by somebody else) and also a second one planned (by myself).

When it comes to the actual color to be applied to the body there are several options available in reality. First thing your going to have to do though is take a walk down oil based lane.

You can use either a dye, ink or paint but it must be oil based and not because they float but that is an added benifit on some deliverys to the object you are painting. The reason you need to stick with oil based products is simply because they don't blend well with each other when wet unless you force them to.

If you try working with two colors that are water based your going to end up with a blend by the time it dry's that doesn't have any true edges, hence a single color fade that looks more like an airbrushed paint job.

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